How It Works

  1. There will be a four week nomination period in which videos can be submitted then reviewed and vetted for authenticity and accuracy. (Feb 20th – March 26th @ Midnight).
  2. Then there will be a four week period in which voting takes place to determine the five finalists for each category. (March 30th – April 23rd @ Midnight).
  3. After that we will have two weeks to vote the winner of each category from the finalists. (April 24th – May 9th @ Midnight).
  4. The winner will be announced at our fourth annual Grammy event on May 20, 2023.

A-Lister of the Year

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Creative Content

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Educator of the Year

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Entrepreneur of the Year

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Hometown Hero

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Instructor of the Year

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Positive Influence of the Year

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Rookie of the Year

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Grammy Finalist & Winner Information

  1. Grammy Finalist and Winner Information
  2. Voting for finalists ends April 23, 2023 at midnight
  3. Voting continues for the finalists until May 9,2023 at midnight to determine a winner.
  4. Votes do not get erased or restart once finalists are chosen.
  5. Everyone can only vote once for a nominee.
  6. On April 24,2023 the website will be updates with the finalists. This information will stay on the website until she the Grammy ceremony at that point the winners will be updated.
  7. If you are a finalist you will receive an invitation for you and a guest please rsvp.
  8. You will only be allowed to bring one additional person for free. That person will sit at the nominee table with you.
    If you have additional people you would like to attend there are tickets available for sale. They will not be at your table.
  9. When you arrive at the event please arrive no later than 830pm.
  10. After arriving you will be directed to the VIP table to check in and be brought to your seat inside the Grammy room.